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To GT-Lorraine…and Beyond!

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To Georgia Tech-Lorraine…and Beyond!

A blog written by and for students embarking on new adventures at GT-Lorraine.

Check out the latest blog posts chronicling all things GTL, from pre-departure to campus life, and everything in between.

Museums serve many different purposes - including being destinations for many Georgia Tech-Lorraine students! In her latest blog post, Maddie reflects on her experiences with museums in Metz and around Europe.
Switzerland is beautiful this time of year... and really any other time of year, but Quinnell and friends were on a quest to do all of the adventurous activities and to see all the breathtaking views offered in this little town.
Music brings a kind of magic, and the Leonardo Program gave Georgia Tech-Lorraine students the opportunity to sit in on a rehearsal with the Orchestre National de Lorraine. Check out Quinnell's blog for a peek into the dynamics of the visit!
Whether it's befriending your hosts' cat or stumbling across a Guinness World Record attempt, Maddie's has discovered that it's the little, unplanned adventures that are the most memorable parts of any travels. Check out her post about her visit to Belgium!
Many undergraduate students take the opportunity of being at GT-Lorraine to travel to their hearts' desire, crossing all of Europe some weekends, but that can be taxing. In her latest blog post, Quinnell highlights the merits of local day-trips, and just what she did during hers!

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