To GT-Lorraine…and Beyond!

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To Georgia Tech-Lorraine…and Beyond!

A blog written by and for students embarking on new adventures at GT-Lorraine.

Check out the latest blog posts chronicling all things GTL, from pre-departure to campus life, and everything in between.

While most students travel in groups, some people have obscure dream destinations or are just more independent, and Maddy has some tips on that topic that scares parents the most: solo travel.
Take a walk with Lubby in his second vlog of the semester. Go on a tour of a day in the life of a GTL student, and then check out his first trip of the semester - Luxembourg!
Ping pong is a staple of student life at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, but it just got more intense. Go with Maddy into the rivalry and friendly sportsmanship behind the biggest recreation of GTL.
Watch Lubby's first vlog of the semester - a fun recap of the moments of preparation, adventure, panic, and silliness up until his arrival in Metz!
Maddy spent her short weekend in Interlaken - and she chose to hike one of the "best hikes in the world." Well, sort of. Check out her story on the GTL blog!

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