BS/MS Program

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The joint BS/MS Program is a five-year program that features a seamless transition between the bachelors and masters degree programs. The last two years of this program can be done at Georgia Tech Lorraine. Careful course planning can also lead to the award of a graduate degree from a French partner school.

Preparation and Planning:

The joint BS/MS program provides a BS and a MS degree in electrical/computer or mechanical engineering after five years of study. Available both on the Atlanta campus and at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, this combined program offers a number of advantages to the motivated student. Careful planning can also lead to a degree from a partner institution. For further information, contact the Georgia Tech-Lorraine academic advisor in your major school (ECE: Dr. Henry Owen or ME: Dr. Mohammed Cherkaoui).


In most cases, all scholarships, including Presidential Scholarships and HOPE Scholarships, will be applicable to all Georgia Tech Lorraine undergraduate programs.


The matriculation fee for the Georgia Tech-Lorraine undergraduate programs will be identical to the fee charged on the Atlanta campus. The additional fees (tuition) for non-residents of the State of Georgia will in general be significantly lower at Georgia Tech-Lorraine than for students studying on the Atlanta campus. (Actual matriculation and fees are set annually by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia).